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 At Redlands Moving we know it is overwhelming financially and emotionally, especially for  seniors who may be moving for the first time in years, and moving for  what may be their final time. The logistics, the money, and the feelings  brought out in a move are challenging and stressful.

Once you’ve  decided where to move, the how to move is the next step. And it won’t be  easy. But it can be easier with help whether that help is from family  and friends, volunteers or professionals.

Not everyone has a son  or daughter, relative or friends to help out with the monumental task of  moving. Your children have their own lives and may not have the time or  resources to help. You may not have friends physically capable of  lending a hand.

A fast-growing market in the moving segment are  senior move managers. They are also known as senior transitions and  senior relocations. These companies specialize in the moving of seniors  who have different needs and challenges than younger generations.

We offer assistance from beginning to end:



  • In-home consultation where wants and needs are discussed and assessed
  • Develop a moving plan based on those wants and needs
  • Provide a move timeline and checklist of tasks to be completed
  • Measure furniture and develop a floor plan for the new residence that will show where the furniture will go


  • Determining what items to take, sell or donate
  • Assistance deciding what and what not to take
  • Work with moving companies to arrange move time and meet with movers to coordinate the move at both the old and new residence
  • Pack items to be moved using either the customer’s packing materials or the senior move manager’s
  • Labeling boxes for easy unpacking and keeping an inventory of all items
  • Coordinate stopping and starting utilities, cable, etc. at old and new home


 Whether you’re looking to get your parents moved from their home into a  retirement or assisted living community and aren’t sure where to start,  or you’re unable to pack the items in your home yourself, our trained  packing professionals can do as little or as much packing as you need  help with. Many customers find it helpful to have Redlands moving have the local professionals pack the fragile items or certain rooms, and they handle the rest.  Just as we tailor your move, we can customize our packing services to  fit your individual needs. 


We understand seniors often deal with a unique set of needs and  concerns. Many of our senior customers struggle with grief from leaving  their long-time family home, fear of losing sentimental belongings, or  anxiety of facing unknown physical challenges.

At Redlands Moving and Storage, we’re experienced in tackling challenging  relocations and specialize in moves that may be a little bit more  sensitive and require emotional capable movers on the job. These moves include arranging moving and  packing services with adult children looking to move their senior  parent(s), downsizing from a large family home, moving belongings from a  cottage to primary residence, or even moving and storing items during a home remodel.

Moving Day

  • Coordinate with the moving company so that all items are correctly moved or left for the sale or donation
  • Some senior move managers are also elderly moving companies who will load and transport your belongings
  • Unpacking of essential items
  • Setting up the furniture according to the floor plan
  • Connecting electronics such as TV, phone, and computer


Other Services By Redlands Senior Movers

  • Prepare and conduct sale of items in home not taken to new residence
  • Arranging for items not sold/moved to be donated or disposed
  • Coordinate professional cleaning of home
  • Realtor referrals for selling of old home
  • Home repairs and contractor referrals for preparing old home for sale


The other nice thing about using senior moving companies is that you can typically choose which of their services you want.

For  example, say you have relatives and friends who can pack and move you,  but you need to the move to be planned (establish a timeline, hire a  realtor, etc.) first. You can hire a company to take care of the  planning, make recommendations on a realtor to sell your home, and hire  contractors for any repairs or improvements.

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Some Tips To Help Your Move Go Stress Free

Keep These Tips In Mind


Hiring a Moving Company

One of the services of a senior move  manager is recommending a good senior moving company. Even with this  recommendation, you’ll still want to do your homework to ensure you’re  getting the right mover to protect yourself and your belongings.

The  Department of Transportation’s Household Goods Programs makes the  following recommendations before entrusting your property with a mover.

1) Get a written estimate from several movers that is based on an actual inspection of your household goods.

2) Make sure the mover is licensed and insured (see below for more info)

3)  Don’t just pick the cheapest mover; pick one with a good reputation and  with a history of delivering on time. Movers are bound by law to  deliver your goods for no more than 10% above the “non-binding  estimate”—what the mover believes the move will cost based on the  estimated shipment weight. This is known as the 110% rule.

4) Your mover is required to give you “Your Rights and Responsibilities When You Move.” Read it. Then research moving requirements for your state. You can find your state’s requirements here.

Go to the US Department of Transportation’s Mover Registration Search to check out a potential mover. You’ll find licensing, insurance info,  complaints, safety information and company contact information.

*Be sure to ask if the moving company offers a senior discount or any other discount that may apply such as retired military, civil service and AAA members.

 You can rest assured our fully licensed, insured, and bonded movers can  get the job done with clean trucks and proper moving equipment, whether  you are moving just down the road or across the country 


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Moving Services for Retirement Communities

Professionals to help as much as you need. Local or Long Distance Moves!

Redlands Moving and Storage has been in business since 1963, and as you can imagine we have moved people in all stages of life. We take pride in helping the senior community because we know they truly need the help as much or more than anyone. In our years of business we have gained several partnerships with senior communities like the following; Holiday Retirement Facilities, Braswell Retirement Homes, Fours Seasons of Banning, Sun Lakes Retirement Community in Banning, as well as several others. 


At Redlands Moving we know it is overwhelming financially and emotionally, especially for  seniors who may be moving for the first time in years, and moving for  what may be their final time. The logistics, the money, and the feelings  brought out in a move are challenging and stressful.Once you’ve  decided where to move, the how to move is the next step. And it won’t be  easy. But it can be easier with help whether that help is from family  and friends, volunteers or professionals.Not everyone has a son or daughter, relative or friends to help out with the monumental task of  moving. Your children have their own lives and may not have the time or  resources to help. You may not have friends physically capable of  lending a hand.

In some cases our seniors may just need help organizing where they are to improve quality of life, so we frequently assist individuals who choose to stay in their own homes, but simply require expert organizational skills and professional knowledge of  our relocation professionals to help them achieve their goal of simply improving their quality of life! Sometimes people do not have the help or resources to do small moves like rearrange furniture or to box up items that are no longer needed, that's where we come in.

Our professionals understand that senior citizens need movers that will go above and beyond to make the moving transition as stress free as possible. All of our men have completed required courses in safety and ethics, and are screened for insurance and experience purposes and your safety and peace of mind. The professional senior movers from Redlands Moving and Storage will do everything from; hanging your favorite artwork on the wall, ,neatly stacking your clothing in the dresser, to setting up your equipment and furniture. Our goal is for you to be able to sit back and take a nap when we are all done, with the comfort of knowing all of your things made it safely and undamaged. 

 We are experts at dismantling, storing and re-installing delicate specialty items like: 

  • Chandeliers
  • Grandfather Clocks
  • Decorative Stone-Top Tables
  • Baby Grand/Grand/Concert/ Antique Upright (ANY PIANO going up stairs)
  • Large Armoires and Dressers (Stone top)
  • Billiard Tables (May need 3rd party to prep but we will organize for you)

We understand that as seniors you have had plenty of time to obtain lots of neat and unique furniture that can be difficult to move. We movers like to call these items "mover killers" because if you hire non professional imposter movers, they are likely to damage your items and or walls and floors, if not injure themselves. Items that fall into the specialty category “mover killers” are items like the following, and of course there are others:

  • Pianos
  • Treadmills
  • Pool Tables
  • Safes
  • Oversized furniture
  • Small delicate Antiques
  • Large not so delicate antiques
  • Granite table tops (require crating)
  • Glass table tops (require crating)
  • Restaurant equipment
  • Bookcases

Our customers are not limited to moving service alone, we know there is much more to relocation than moving your property. That is why we will take the extra step and provide professional Senior Moving Consultants that can help manage all other parts of the move as well, they are experts at managing the entire move and helping  make the transition as smooth and easy on our customers as possible. Some of the other services we would be happy to offer if you are in need are:

  1. Pre-move consultation (FREE)
  2. Coordinating with your family and the retirement facility.
  3. Packing, Delivering and Unpacking your personal items to your exact preference.
  4. Storing your excess possessions.
  5. Installing all of your appliances and electronic equipment,as required and requested. (INCLUDED FREE)
  6. We can even help you with establishing new utility and forwarding services.

Our services are not limited to residential moving either! We know that there are active seniors still conducting business in our communities and we are here to help you when you need professional moving services for seniors who own businesses. We are the highest rated senior moving professionals in the southern California area, we have experience in several aspects of business relocation:


The Redlands Moving Senior Movers are experts at relocating:

  • Attorneys
  • Doctors
  • Accountants
  • Business Services
  • Small Retail Shops
  • Appliance and Equipment Repair
  • Restaurants and Cafes
  • Bakeries and Caterers

Our professional senior moving help will handle every aspect of your Small Business move:

  1. Coordinating with your designated Company Representative on the move.
  2. Packing your entire business.
  3. Storing your items, if necessary.
  4. Transferring and delivering your materials efficiently and on-time.
  5. Managing employee-designated material reassignment.
  6. Installing all of your equipment, as required and requested.

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