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Interstate Move From Redlands to Washington

Reasons To Move Out of State To Washington

While there is a somewhat common perception that it rains all the time in Washington, Seattle actually ranks 44th among major U.S. cities, getting less rainfall annually than Boston, New York, Houston and Miami. Western Washington is the most densely populated; approximately 60% of the state’s population lives west of the mountains. Seattle, Tacoma, Olympia, Vancouver and Bellingham are all located on the west side of the state. The weather is relatively mild in Western Washington. Summer days rarely rise above 79° (26° C) and winter days are seldom below 45° (8° C) during the day. Snow is rare, but winter temperatures can easily dip into the 20s and 30s (-6° to -1° C) at night. Annual rainfall in the greater Seattle area is about 37 inches (94 cm).

Eastern Washington is In the shadow of the Cascades, here little rain falls and cities like Wenatchee, Chelan and the Tri-Cities enjoy up to 300 days of sunshine a year. Annual rainfall is far less than in Western Washington. In the center part of the state, the climate is a blend of coastal and continental weather and rainfall is approximately 7 to 9 inches (18 to 23 cm) annually. In Spokane, which marks the eastern edge of the state, rainfall averages 15 to 30 inches (38 to 76 cm) a year.


1. No state income tax Fortunately, for the residents of WA, this is one of 7 US states that have no personal income tax.

2. The median home cost will be $200,000-$240,000 – less than the average cost around the US. 

3. Washington is a Mecca for people who want to get a good job. The main reason for that is a huge list of globally renowned employers with headquarters located in this state. Think only about an opportunity to work for Google, Amazon, Boeing or Starbucks! Despite the unemployment rate of 4.5%, the gain in jobs in August 2018, for example, was over 9,100.

4. Washington State is considered environmentally friendly, unlike California, it is a state with a variety of parks, forests, and water. There’s a huge area of near-water location, as well as ones of the best environmentally friendly characteristics. In 2015, Washington was ranked the best bike-friendly state. There is a better air and water quality, more green space, a huge portion of energy conservation, a Clean Car Law for all means of transportation, new green buildings, 70% of waste recycling – pretty impressive.

5. Washington is a leader in education since 2015 college students have received an opportunity to reduce tuition by 15-20%. That means that you need less time than 4 years to get a college degree. Moreover, WA is a home to several famous universities.

6. Lastly, Washington is a safe place, the chances of an average resident living in WA to become a victim of a violent crime are 25% lower than around the US. The probability is rather low – 1 in 331. However, there is a higher percentage of property crimes in the state – over 40% more than around the US on average.

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