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Idaho is the 39th most populous and the 14th most extensive of the 50 states of the United States. It lies in the northwestern region of the United States. The state attained statehood on July 3, 1890, becoming the 43rd state to join the union. Its six (6) bordering states are Utah, Washington, Wyoming, Montana, Nevada, and Oregon. See the complete list of the 50 states and their borders here. Idaho (nicknamed: the Gem State) has 44 counties. The state’s capital is Boise. With these facts about Idaho, let us learn more about its history, geography, people, economy and more.

For several years it had been difficult for Idaho to gain traction and start a migration of citizens to its lands due largely in part because of their lacking of the resources to support a large population, the state  has turned things around in the past few decades. Now with a robust  infrastructure in place and new investments from leading technology and  manufacturing firms, Idaho enjoys one of the fastest growing economies  in the country. Idaho’s combined wilderness spans over 4.7 million acres, larger than the three smallest states in the nation (Rhode Island, Delaware, and Connecticut) combined.  The state produces 1/3 of all the potatoes grown in the United States. That’s about 27 billion potatoes each year! Idaho even has a potato museum that features the world’s largest potato chip and the world’s largest Styrofoam potato. Inspired by its famous potatoes, Idaho has come up with some odd  potato-themed treats. “Ice cream potatoes,” made with vanilla ice cream,  cocoa, and whipped cream, are meant to look like baked potatoes topped  with sour cream.

One candy company in Idaho also makes the “Idaho Spud,” a marshmallow covered with chocolate and coconut As you plan your move from California, say goodbye to  old familiar congestion and burdensome regulations, and say hello to beautiful Idaho! From the looks of it, there is several reasons to try Idaho out, and we are confident that with a stress free move from our company you will never look back to California. 

Interstate moves are usually more complicated than merely changing apartments or houses.   Professional out to state movers arrive at your home with everything  necessary to get you from state to state quickly and easily. They bring  moving supplies, such as boxes, foam, and tape, and they bring lifting  equipment, moving vehicles, and enough helpers to get the work done.Movers might even help you pack if you’ve selected that level of  service, but they typically load your things for you at the very least.  These professionals often have other ancillary skills and tools to  disconnect the appliances, electronics, and fixtures as well.

Allowing professionals from Redlands Moving and Storage to pack and move you out of state will give you back your productive time so you can stay focused  on your career and other musts during the transition. Save your paid  vacation time to do something exciting. Moving companies also offer insurance to protect the value of your belongings during the transition,  which is a feature unique to this strategy. Moving out of state to Idaho has never been easier with the professionals from Redlands moving who will even set your new home up the way you like it!

Idaho Facts
Idaho Facts

When you get Estimates The Following Is VERY Important


To protect yourself from becoming victim of the bait and switch scam that so many fall victim to let us give you advice! If it sounds too good to be true, it probably is! Many local interstate movers will promise a low price for your interstate move to Idaho just to say "sorry it was more weight and you owe more money" and you have no choice but to pay. If you are looking for the best movers to Idaho from Redlands area, Beaumont, and Yucaipa, look no further.

Unlike Van Lines & No Name Movers Redlands Moving will provide GUARANTEED NOT TO EXCEED BINDING ESTIMATES. You should only accept this type of estimate to protect yourself from changing prices. These days estimators have no experience in the industry and quote low prices only to change it up once they have your things. We will tell you more when we come and give you an estimate for cost of moving out of state to Idaho . You will see that we want your business through trust. Our estimators are not commission, probably the only ones you will meet. You do not need any pressure, just knowledge to make an informed decision for your interstate move to Idaho.

Be sure to show our estimator everything you plan on shipping. We also know that in some cases you will be trying to thin out you items to reduce the cost. In that case we will explain how to keep track and inventory what you get rid of. Unlike Van Lines we are willing to work with you and try to be as fair as possible, like most of the moving process communication is key. 

Below is a explanation of 3 types of estimates for Interstate (out of state & over 100 miles) relocations.

The 3 Types of Interstate (over 100 miles) Relocations

Guaranteed Binding In Writing (BEST)

We provide binding estimates for relocation. keeps customer safe from fraud. Binding Interstate move

Binding: A binding quote means that the final  contract price is based on the estimated weight of the shipment,  regardless of the final shipping weight. So, you pay the quoted price  even if the shipping weight is less than the estimated weight.

Binding Not To Exceed (Risk Due to 15%)


Binding Not-to-Exceed: A binding not-to-exceed  quote means that you pay the quoted price unless the actual shipping  weight turns out to be less than the estimated weight. In this case, the  price would be adjusted down, but if it goes over the mover can adjust the price 15%.

Non-Binding (NO GOOD!)


Non-Binding: With a non-binding quote, the final  cost of the move will be determined by the actual weight of the  shipment. However, the non-binding quote should give you a ballpark idea  of the cost. Legally, a mover may not charge more than 110% of the  original non-binding estimate provided.

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